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How We Can Help

Consultation & Design

We can help shape the vision concepts to details.

About Consultation: We start with a meeting to talk about your goals and vision, walk-through your property, look through our traveling library/slideshows, and discuss various options and opportunities. All consultations come with a follow up report documenting opportunities on your site, answers to unresolved questions, and our idea of how CEL can best support your edible adventures.

The two hour consultation includes sketch(es), outline report, AND/OR slideshow with notes. Cost is $250. Reduce by $50 if client takes notes. Discounts for students, veterans, elders, and low-income populations.

The initial consultation and review can take design elements only so far.  

If you want a more detailed plan, that will be $500 for a quick and dirty master plan, or $500-5000 for a site plan, planting plan, construction details. The cost depends on your needs and how complex the site is.   A Rainwise-focused plan usually runs in the $300-500 range, and we can couple with a planting and/or hardscape plan overlay.

Clearer specifications and/or design time may be required depending on the complexity of the project. If you send us some photos or base plan-- from a roof replacement or previous landscape design--before hand, that is always helpful.

Edible Neighborhood Workshops + Project Management

Edible Neighborhoods is the concept of encouraging your neighborhood to communally support each other in growing edible gardens.  We offer our gardening services and resources to educate the group, as well as discounts for groups who purchase nursery items in bulk.

There can be numerous benefits to this concept and with the entire neighborhood growing, there will be more pollinators to help plants thrive and reproduce! 

To start this concept, first gather the information of interested neighbors and their availability for an initial group meeting.  Go to our Nursery Store to purchase the Edible Neighborhood Workshop to be created for your neighborhood residents.  We request that someone in your neighborhood hosts this workshop so please allow for enough space for the entire group to sit comfortably and plan for 2 hours of information sharing.  If you choose to include a pot-luck concept, food and drinks always make these gatherings more ‘neighborly.’  If you need assistance with event planning, we will gladly offer suggestions and details needed for a successful start to your neighborhood garden, please contact us at info@eatyouryard.com

Landscape Construction

We love to build and can handle most anything landscape-related.  From vegetable gardens, carpentry, hardscaping, irrigation systems, rain-gardens, cisterns, soils and mulches, gutters, building vegetable gardens, we do most stuff in-house, and have a great network of subs we call upon.


We do maintenance programs catered to your needs and budget. We love the feeling of transforming your space and cleaning.  Pruning trees up to 30' tall is Zen for us.   We are launching our Pedal-Powered maintenance fleet in 2017. These will serve NE, NW, SE, and SW neighborhoods in Seattle, and anywhere in between that is not too far up a huge hill. The Cargo Tricylces can haul up to 400 lbs and have an electric assist on them.


They say ‘5 minutes of planning is worth 15 minutes of doing’. In farming, gardening, and landscaping, planning can save you dozens or hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. With our diverse skill-set and experience, as well as network of sub-contractors and designers, we can bring you a full team to transform your place. This could be a simple veggie garden set up, to a complete Edible Landscape or Edible Neighborhood.
— -Michael Seliga-Soulseed


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