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We strive to help you and your neighborhood grow more food. One way we do this is through consultation and design services.  A 2 hour consultation is often enough to point clients in the right direction, saving time and money in the long run.  Some people request a basic site plan, and some request (or we require) a more detailed planting plan and construction details before construction begins.

Organic Gardening Magazine, 2009

Organic Gardening Magazine, 2009


About Consultation and how it works:
There’s a saying  “5 minutes of planning is worth 15 of doing” With landscaping or Food-growing, 5 minutes of planning is worth dozen of hours of doing.

We start with a meeting to talk about your goals and vision, walk-through your property, look through our traveling library/slideshows, and discuss various options and opportunities. All consultations come with the 1-2 hour site visit plus sketch(es), outline report, AND/OR slideshow with notes documenting opportunities on your site, referrals to our preferred partners, and answers to unresolved questions, and our idea of how CEL can best support your edible adventures. Our consultation rate is $250 for an initial 3 hour block  of time.

The initial consultation and review can take design elements only so far.  If you have a base plan created already, that helps make our time more efficient.  If you do homework that we send before we come, that is also helpful.   If you want a more detailed plan, cost will be $500+.  In the case you know you want a landscape design/plan, we will most likely bring a designer or landscape architect.


■    Initial Package $250 package is  2 hours on site and 1 hour off site, or 1 hrs on site and 2 hrs off –site.
■    Large Property Initial Consultation $500.  8 hour package with in depth soil, water, and sun analysis provided.
○    Consultation//Design/Project Management .  $85/hr (min. 2 hr initial site visit+ follow up.
○    On-Going Garden Coaching $50/hour, 2 hour minimum with minimum 4 visits per year.
●    Travel time outside of Seattle incurs cost equal to ½ of travel time.
○    Estimate or Bid Generation.... Less than 15 minutes= Pro-bono.   More than 15 minutes of time behind a spreadsheet....  $85/hr (billed in .5 hr increments) with Balance deducted from final bill.
○    Fuel Surcharge.  Government Rate, typically  $0.55-59/mile (fluctuates yearly)

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Basic Site plan

Basic Site plan

Basic Site Plan

This is a basic site layout, appropriate for an urban or small suburban residential lot without a lot of complexities and/or demand from client.  Many sites have limits (which help us desginers), and this type of plan can work. Cost is $500-700

Harber Plan PNG 2.png

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