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We strive to help you grow food.  These products may help you.


We offer services, plants, and infrastructure to help you grow food.

PRE MIXED Early Spring Veggie Starts- Buy 1 Get 1 Free

PRE MIXED Early Spring Veggie Starts- Buy 1 Get 1 Free

from 36.00


Order a flat of veggie starts ahead of time and pick up at a neighborhood drop point, get one Free! If you don't want it, we will donate to Just Garden Project gardeners.

We will be delivering to the farmers markets (see our website and facebook) as well as a neighborhood near you!   If you don't see your neighborhood on the list we can add your site with a 5 flat minimum. Please contact us to set this up. 

Farmers Markets

U-District Farmers Markets Saturdays End of March-Mid June 9-2pm

West Seattle Farmers Markets Sundays Mid March-early June 10-2pm

(OFF AND ON) Ballard Farmers Market- Call to Verify, or just pick up in Ballard drop off

**See website eatyouryard.com/nursery for up to date availability**

Neighborhood Drop offs

  • Ballard

  • NE Seattle

  • Rainier Beach

  • Beacon Hill

  • Northgate

  • West Seattle


We will bring to the drop site a mixed flat of the best starts grown from the below list.  There is a form to fill out with your purchase that includes a notes section. Please include your preferences there. Contact us to RSVP to come to the green house on packing day to choose your own plants. 

PS: Broccoli, Mix (4 varieties For long harvest)

PS: Broccoli, Purple Sprouting

PS: Broccoli, Raab, Sorrento (we may or may not grow)

PS: Cabbage, Chinese Style

PS: Cabbage, Mix for longer harvest, 4 pack

PS: Cauliflower, Snow Crown or other White variety 4 pack

PS: Cauliflower, Purple!  Limited quantities available 4 pack

PS: Greens,  Joi Choi (large Bok Choi)  4 packs

PS: Greens, Chard, Mix (Multi-colored) - 4 packs

PS: Greens, Collards, Champion

PS: Greens, Hattorikun (Japanese leaf radish)  (we may or may not grow)

PS: Greens, Kale, Dinosaur/Lacinato 4 pack

PS: Greens, Kale, Red Russian 4 pack

PS: Greens, Kale, Scarlet 4 pack

PS: Greens, Mitsuba (Japanese parsley) 3.5" pot

PS Italian Parsley 3.5" Pot

PS: Greens, Mustard, Mizuna 6 pack

PS: Greens, Mustard, Red Giant

PS: Greens, Mustard, Ruby Streaks

PS: Greens, Mustard, Tatsoi 6 pack

PS: Greens, Sorrel, French 3.5" pot

PS: Greens, Spinach, Mixed (May include Emu and Space) 6  pack

PS Greens, Spinach “Red Kitten" 6 pack

PS: Lettuce Flashy Butter Oak

PS: Lettuce, Australian Yellow Leaf 6 pack

PS: Lettuce, Deer Tongue 6 pack

Lettuce Mix (varieties subject to change)

PS: Lettuce, Red and/or Green Butter-head 6 pack

PS: Lettuce, Red Romaine

PS: Onion, Red Beard (Bunching onion) 3.5" pot

PS: Peas, Sugar Snap 6 pack

Seed: Greens, Arugula, Rocket/Sylvester

Seed: Radishes, Cherriette or other variety

Seed: Spinach, Emu

Seed: Turnips, Purple Ball

One Mixed Flat:
Grow Big!

Each flat will have 10-11 items, so 20-22 if you order 2, or 30-33 if you order 3