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Sea Kale -Crambe maritima

Sea Kale -Crambe maritima


Seed from Baker Creek - A robust, perennial cabbage relative native to the rugged coast of Western Europe, along the North Atlantic and to the Black Sea. For such a brawny, salt tolerant kale, it has a surprisingly delicate flavor and highly fragrant flowers and has been wild foraged for thousands of years in its native range. Commonly found growing along the famous shingle beaches in England, locals would cover the emerging shoots to blanch them like asparagus. Sailors would pickle the greens, which are naturally high in Vitamin C, for long sea voyages as a scurvy preventative, hence the nickname scurvy grass. This hardy brassica is perennial to about U.S zone 5, the large tap roots remaining dormant in ground until spring. Until its recent re-discovery by temperate, permaculture gardeners as the perfect perennial green, Sea Kale was considered an arcane vegetable. Thanks to its drought and salt tolerance, nectar rich flowers for feeding the pollinators and culinary versatility, Sea Kale is poised to rise to the top of every gardeners must have list. RARE, hard-to-find, expensive seed, but is a perennial and long lasting plant.

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