Edible Landscapes
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We strive to help you grow food.  These products may help you.


We offer services, plants, and infrastructure to help you grow food.

Mini-Food Forest Package

Mini-Food Forest Package


We  come to your house to plant a mini food forest good for 100-150 square feet.  

omes with either 2 dwarf apple, pear, cherry, or plum trees (or one multi graft, if that works better for your space), 4  edible shrubs, 4 herbs, 10 edible ground covers, 1 edible vine (grape, kiwi) 2 edible flowers, and 2 dynamic accumulators.


We will bring up to 1 yard of soil or compost ...

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We assume decent to good soil. Additional Soil amendments, sod removal, grading, or weeding services will incur extra charges to be assessed during initial site inspection. Site inspection fee is included, usually $100 site visit. Please send pictures of your spot (should be mostly sun) with some details regarding the soil and access.

We will provide options of each food forest layer when we receive your email.

Other Fruit Tree options available.