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We strive to help you grow food.  These products may help you.


We offer services, plants, and infrastructure to help you grow food.

Fruit Tree with Planting by CEL crew

Fruit Tree with Planting by CEL crew

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We will discuss which option works best for client.  We will bring a 2-4 year old trees that are 3-4' tall or larger tree(s).  We can bring any tree in our stock, and also source in trees from other nurseries, which may add lead time to completion of the project.

We come and plant tree, bring compost and/or mulch, fertilizer, , and support stakes (if necessary). We provide a quick fruit tree maintenance tutorial including pruning, watering, and pest care prevention. We will also follow up with notes.   NOTE Most fruit trees require a pollinator tree nearby.  Discount on multiple trees.

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  • We must talk with client before we come out to ensure the site we are planting in is suitable for fruit trees.
  • Almost all fruit trees want plenty of sunshine and good draining soil.  Clients with super hard back soil may REQUIRE amendments. Clients more than 10 miles away from Zip Code 98118 will incur additional travel charges of $65 or 1/2 of travel time billed at $65/HR, WHICHEVER IS GREATER.
  • Soil tests can be advantageous.  These run $100 for the first and $80 for any additional.  It takes us about 4-6 weeks for us to get email results back to you. Contact us if you want to set that up.