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We strive to help you grow food.  These products may help you.


We offer services, plants, and infrastructure to help you grow food.

Fall/Winter Veggie Starts

Fall/Winter Veggie Starts

from 35.00

Order a flat of veggie starts ahead of time and pick up at a neighborhood drop point. September 2nd is Delivery day. You will receive an e-mail regarding your pick up address. 

We will be delivering to a neighborhood near you! If you don't see your neighborhood on the list we can add your site with a 5 flat minimum. Please contact us to set this up. 

  • Ballard
  • NE Seattle
  • Rainier Beach
  • Beacon Hill
  • Northgate
  • West Seattle


We will bring you a mixed flat of the best starts grown from the below list.  There is a form to fill out with your purchase that includes a notes section. Please include your preferences there. Contact us to RSVP to come to the green house on packing day to choose your own plants. 

PS: Broccoli, Mix (For long harvest)

PS: Broccoli, Purple Sprouting

PS: Broccoli, Raab, Sorrento

PS: Broccoli, Romanesco (Fractal spaceship-looking hybrid)

PS: Brussels Sprouts (‘Red Bull’ 4 pack. Red leaves and sprouts.)

PS: Cabbage, Chinese Style

PS: Cabbage, Copenhagen Market

PS: Cabbage, Derby Day

PS: Cabbage, Red Rock or Red Mammoth

PS: Cabbage, Savoyed, Famosa

Cabbage Mix

PS: Cauliflower, Snow Crown

PS: Greens, Bok Choy, Joi Choy

PS: Greens, Chard, Mix (Multi-colored)

PS: Greens, Collards, Champion

PS: Greens, Endive, Eros

PS: Greens, Hattorikun (Japanese leaf radish)

PS: Greens, Kale, Dinosaur/Lacinato

PS: Greens, Kale, Red Russian

PS: Greens, Kale, Redbor

PS: Greens, Mache (aka Corn Salad)

PS: Greens, Miner’s Lettuce

PS: Greens, Mitsuba (Japanese parsley)

PS: Greens, Mustard, Mizuna

PS: Greens, Mustard, Red Giant

PS: Greens, Mustard, Ruby Streaks

PS: Greens, Mustard, Tatsoi

PS: Greens, Raddichio

PS: Greens, Sorrel, French

PS: Greens, Spinach, Mixed (May include Emu and Space)

PS Greens, Spinach “Red Kittten

PS: Lettuce Flashy Butter Oak

PS: Lettuce, Australian Yellow Leaf

PS: Lettuce, Deer Tongue

Lettuce Mix

PS: Lettuce, Red and/or Green Butterhead

PS: Lettuce, Red Romaine

PS: Lettuce, Winter Density

PS: Onion, Red Beard (Bunching onion, limited quantity)

PS: Onion, Shonan Red (Japanese variety, limited quantity)

PS: Peas, Sugar Snap

Seed: Garlic, German (Hardneck, approx. 1 large or 2 small bulbs)

Seed: Garlic, Korean (Hardneck, approx. 1 bulb)

Seed: Garlic, Silverskin (Softneck, approx. 1 bulb)

Seed: Greens, Arugula, Rocket/Sylvester

Seed: Radishes, Cherriette

Seed: Spinach, Emu

Seed: Turnips, Purple Ball

One Mixed Flat:
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