Edible Landscapes
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We strive to help you grow food.  These products may help you.


We offer services, plants, and infrastructure to help you grow food.

Consultation- 2 hours NO REPORT

Consultation- 2 hours NO REPORT


We start with a meeting to talk about your goals and vision, walk-through your property, look through our traveling library/slideshows, and discuss various options and opportunities. This type of consultation is a 2 hour site visit - CLIENT TAKES NOTES.

The initial consultation and review can take design elements only so far. If you have a base plan created already, that helps make our time more efficient. If you do homework that we send before we come, that is also helpful. If you want a more detailed plan, cost will be $500+. In the case you know you want a landscape design/plan, we will most likely bring a designer or landscape architect.

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