Edible Landscapes

Ballard Edible Neighbors

Two neighbors collaborated on this project to integrate their townhomes exteriors.

We integrated raised beds into the parking strip, which the city owns but homeowners steward here in Seattle. We built them with benches so people could have a place to sit, while hanging out in the front of the house, the south (sunny) part of their yard where they tend to gravitate most months of the year. We had to design around access for vehicles that park on the street, and around the water meter and other utilities.  We installed cloches on some of the beds to extend the growing season by about 2 months each year.

Dry stack natural stone forms the terraces. Blueberries were planted near the lower terrace, and one neighbor hosted a large raspberry patch/trellis (not pictured). Also planted in the front yard is an herb garden, strawberry patch, dwarf fig tree, plus a few edible native plants.

One of the best parts of the project is that we took two existing basic arbors and tied together using braided cable wires with a passion flower climbing over it.  This symbolizes the union of two neighbors working together.

 Another part that is great, is both parties saved substantially on overall costs.